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Product Design

Outfit is a brand automation platform for valued brands and distributed organisations that allows teams to produce high-quality marketing material on demand. Clients include large enterprise brands, universities, franchises, and real estate firms. As a member of Outfit’s design team, I was responsible for front-end development, user experience, interaction design and contribution to the marketing funnel.

Throughout my time at Outfit I have workshopped, wireframed, tested, and developed many platform features. The following is a case study of an internal app currently under development.

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Brief Generator

The Problem

At its core Outfit essentially converts a companies existing collateral or marketing material into a web page with HTML and CSS. From here the platform acts as a CMS to programmatically update data. Before building these templates there is a back and forth with the client to ensure how the templates function. The current process is very labour intensive and involves manually marking up each template in an InDesign document and sending back to get approval from the client. Throughout the onboarding process template requirements can often become lost as there is no definitive way to document the discussion. Primarily clients leave comments on the supplied PDF but there are also email exchanges and face-to-face meetings.

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Brief Generator

The Solution

Having drastically cut the cost of template development over the past 6 month it was evident we were losing money during the onboarding and reviewal process. To optimise the onboarding process we decided to build an application to manage briefs. The brief generator will be the primary place to markup design documents, discuss template requirements and hand-off to developers to code. After initial discussions with the wider team and help brainstorming and wireframing with the design team, the application has essentially been built by a team of two. Myself managing most of the design and Jordan Overbye developing the application. There have been several reworks of the application during development. Initally we planned to build a fully functional brand library of design components and a section to code templates, this became too much work for our first MVP.

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Brief Generator

How It Works

There are four main areas in the application Accounts, Users, Briefs and Activity. Depending on your user role you will only get access to certain parts of the Brief Generator. As a Client you will have the ability to create, markup and approve briefs. Designers on the otherhand can login and see a locked version with template requirements. A standalone application to manage briefs ensures all data is documented correctly, within the constraints of Outfit. There are also options to leave comments in the template markup view and an activity feed to check who has requested or made certain changes. Future improvements include a more detailed process for approvals.

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